Colleges and Universities

As an experienced provider of health and disability management services, TRAC Group is pleased to support Ontario Colleges and Universities in their delivery of Student Success Services. Our partnership with academic facilities enables students with learning, mental health, student life and/or career needs to access campus and community resources in a timely fashion promoting both personal and academic success for students. TRAC Group’s multidisciplinary scope and experience gives students access to an array of expertise allowing Colleges and Universities to focus on their core business of education.

Today’s educational system continues to be increasingly competitive for both students and academic institutions. To be a successful global learner, students must learn as much as they can, and learn it effectively and in the most efficient way possible. Moving into the future, the educational system will become even more competitive; creating additional pressures which will intensify the demand for supportive services and resources.

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TRAC Group is proud to partner with Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology in North Bay, Ontario to promote Student Success Services. Together, TRAC and Canadore College offer comprehensive, student-focused services designed to help students succeed in the post-secondary environment. The ultimate goal of Student Success Services is to support students so they can achieve academic, career, and personal success.

Through Student Success Services, students at Canadore College have access to the following:

  • The Student Life Navigator who is available to provide advice, encouragement, or direction to students, as well as support and strategies to assist students in the development of problem solving skills. The Student Life Navigator can also arrange peer tutoring and mentoring services.
  • The Mental Health and Wellness Navigator assists students in accessing the required resources, supports and education on campus and in the community to ensure they are equipped to meet the challenges of academic learning in the post-secondary environment.
  • The Learning and Accessibility Advisor supports students with identified learning disabilities and provides individualized and universal learning strategies for success. The Learning and Accessibility Advisor is also available to assist students with suspected learning disabilities in accessing appropriate assessment resources or assist students with learning challenges through the provision of strategies, tips and tools.
  • The Career Guidance Advisor offers students preparing for employment assistance with resume preparation, job search strategies, and interview preparation. The Career Guidance Advisor is also available to assist students in refining their career pathway or exploring career options.

The partnership between Canadore College and TRAC Group since August 2012, has had one primary vision – a focus on student success. In transforming the model of service delivery for Student Success Services, our specialized team focused on a continuum of consultative services and assistive technology resources. This framework was designed to provide a seamless triage system geared to the student life cycle to maximize specific needs and pathways associated with each stage of the student’s journey through college by helping to navigate the system and connect them to both campus and community resources by providing a culturally safe, diverse, innovative menu of services that directly address the physical, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and psychological challenges that impact student success.