Future Cost of Care Reports

At the TRAC Group, our goal is to enable clients to maintain their medical stability, independence, and maximum level of function through the development of an objective Life Care Plan.

We apply extensive research, analysis of medical and health-related professional records, client meetings, and a rigorous review of health care professionals’ recommendations, to develop a Future Cost of Care Report that outlines an individual’s current and future health requirements and associated cost options based upon his/her impairments resulting from a complex injury or chronic illness.

Reviews & Critiques

TRAC Group Inc.’s Certified Life Care Planners are Clinicians

As Canadian Certified Life Care Planners,  Ruth Leppard, Gillian Hickman and Lauren Ward are experienced in conducting critical reviews of previously documented Life Care Plans/Future Cost of Care Reports.  Drawing upon their Regulated Health Professional experience and expertise in the respective fields of Rehabilitation Nursing and Occupational Therapy, TRAC Group Inc. reviews are based upon rigorous research and Best Practice Guidelines resulting in an objective assessment of the requirements and options for care and the associated costs.


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