Pain Management & Functional Restoration Program

TRAC GROUP Inc.’s Pain Management & Functional Restoration Program is a unique, multi-disciplinary program that emphasizes pain management in the context of return to function. Be it household tasks, leisure activities, or return to work, clients are supported in reintegrating into their activities of daily life through the provision of multi-modality pain strategies and participation in the Back on TRAC Reactivation Program©, a goal-oriented, time-limited program designed to return clients to their optimal activity levels.

Staffed by Registered Nurses with expertise in pain assessment and management, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Behavioral Therapists, the TRAC Pain Management Team understands that the experience of pain is complex and can impact mood, cognitive functioning, social relationships, and quality of life. TRAC Pain Consultants are Registered Nurses with the training and experience to tailor a comprehensive pain-management plan that minimizes both the physical and emotional impacts of chronic pain while maximizing clients’ return to meaningful activities.

Program Features Include:

  • Completion of a standardized Pain Assessment using evidence-based assessment tools;
  • Client and Family Education
  • Communication with Treating Physicians and other Health Care Professionals
  • Monitoring of medication compliance , benefits and side-effects
  • Recommendations for multi-modality pain management strategies
  • Back on TRAC Reactivation Program©

The Back on TRAC Reactivation Program© is a goal-oriented, time-limited program that guides clients through a graduated return to meaningful activity while assisting them to incorporate recommended strategies for pain management.  Unlike traditional pain management programs, clients are supported to achieve attainable, measurable reactivation goals that result in clients safely resuming activities of daily living while managing the experience of pain.