TRAC Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Program

At the TRAC Group we understand the physiological, psychological, vocational and social impact that spinal cord injury has on the individual who has suffered the injury. We also understand the impact on caregivers and family members.

TRAC Group was a forerunner in establishing community-based, multidisciplinary programs for individuals with catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injury. The TRAC SCI Program is an innovative care model that incorporates clinical best practice guidelines; communication & reporting protocols to promote and facilitate collaborative, individualized rehabilitation programs, and functional outcome measures with the ultimate goal of improving care and long-term outcomes for individuals.

Our goal is to help individuals maximize their independence and quality of life at home, work and in their community. An interdisciplinary collaborative approach is used, meaning our therapists work together to develop and provide rehabilitation programs and services tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Our integrated and comprehensive program reduces the number of transitions individuals are required to make as they progress through various stages of recovery which helps them to achieve and maintain the best possible outcomes. We understand that individuals with access to coordinated, inter-professional collaborative care have better outcomes when compared to services provided in isolation.

Education is provided to individuals and families about what they can expect during the rehabilitation and recovery process following a spinal cord injury. On discharge home from a health care facility, an individual’s personal care and accessibility needs are addressed by Registered Nurses or Occupational Therapists so as to ensure personal safety and basic needs are met in the home environment and with resumption of usual daily activities. Immediate, short-term and long term accessibility needs are addressed through home accessibility assessments completed by Occupational Therapists in conjunction with contractors who experienced and certified in accessibility construction and/or renovations. Referrals to Physiotherapy are made immediately so as to avoid lost time in continuing to address mobility challenges due to the physical changes in an individual’s body with a spinal cord injury. It is imperative that each individual’s equipment, attendant care, mobility and accessibility needs are met so the individual is free to focus on recovery to maximize independence and achieve the best possible quality of life. Pain management support is offered by the TRAC Pain Management Program for pain often experienced by individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury.

Staffed by Regulated Health Care Providers and Allied Professionals such as Behavioral Therapists and Vocational Consultants, the breadth and depth of Clinician expertise at TRAC Group enables our professionals to effect positive and enduring change in the lives of our clients.

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