Stroke Recovery Services

If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, you know all too well the devastating effect it can have on the stroke victim and his or her family. The health care professionals at TRAC Group understand the physical, cognitive, psychological and social impacts of stroke as well as the importance of early intervention during the optimum window of recovery post-stroke.

Our goal is to help clients maximize their independence and quality of life, at home, at work and in their communities. We use a multidisciplinary approach, meaning our clinicians work together and with community resources to develop and provide stroke recovery services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Our integrated assessment and therapy services help those recovering from stroke to achieve and maintain the best possible outcome. We also educate clients and families about what they can expect during the rehabilitation and recovery process and how best to work together to promote long-term recovery.

TRAC Group is a respected leader in providing exceptional, evidence-based rehabilitation. We offer bilingual services to stroke survivors throughout Eastern Ontario.

We can begin working with the client prior to discharge from the hospital or in-patient facility, helping to identify and obtain the therapy and equipment needed after release.

Our services can continue upon discharge and throughout the rehabilitation process. We also provide immediate services, on an interim basis, to clients who are on waiting lists for other rehabilitation services, allowing clients to have uninterrupted therapy during their optimum window of recovery.

We have no wait lists and we accept referrals from individuals, families, doctors and other health-care providers.


Services are offered at our conveniently located clinic or in-home within Ottawa. Many of our services are covered by Extended Health Plans and Short-Term or Long-Term Disability Plans.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.


Bilingual services
Multi-Disciplinary Assessment & Treatment Services
Client & Family Education
Case Management & Health Care Navigation
Assistance with Funding Applications
ADP Assessments
Home and Bathroom Accessibility Assessments
Home Safety & Personal Care Assessments
Discharge Planning from Hospital

Our Team

Our Registered Speech Language Pathologists are experienced in post-stroke rehabilitation and address both the cognitive challenges that result from stroke as well as the impact upon communication skills. Cognitive challenges may include attention, verbal memory and organization while communication skills such as processing language, word-finding and verbal organization may be affected by underlying cognitive issues.

For clients experiencing cognitive-communication symptoms such as word-finding difficulties, functional memory problems, and concentration difficulties, returning to work, school or structured leisure activities can be intimidating. TRAC Group Speech-Language Pathologists work with clients, employers, parents and teachers to equip clients with the strategies and education they require to achieve a successful and enduring return to work, school, or life.

Occupational Therapy promotes participation in the activities which give meaning and purpose to people’s lives such as work, school or leisure. TRAC Group Occupational Therapists are experienced in assisting individuals navigate the cognitive or physical challenges they may encounter while they are recovering from stroke. Fatigue, visual disturbances, balance problems and cognitive difficulties are typical post-stroke symptoms for which TRAC Group Occupational Therapists possess particular expertise in managing. Through the provision of education, practical strategies and assistive devices, our Occupational Therapists help clients return to the roles and activities that are meaningful for them.

Following a stroke, physiotherapy targets the identification and remediation of physical impairments and the associated disabilities while promoting mobility, functional ability, quality of life, and movement potential. Physiotherapy may include the prescription of or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy, education, manipulation, and development of fitness and wellness-oriented programs for restoration and maintenance of function post-concussion.

TRAC Group Physiotherapists provides the following in-home services:

  • Musculoskeletal /Neurological Injury Assessment &Treatment
  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
  • ADP Assessments for Mobility Aids
  • Strengthening, Conditioning & Reactivation Programming
  • Exercise Programming

Following an injury or illness, attendance at medical appointments, coordinating care and accessing the appropriate professionals can be overwhelming. TRAC Group’s Registered Nurses are experienced at case managing rehabilitation services and facilitating proactive care for clients suffering from symptoms related to stroke. Our services include medical reviews, communicating with family doctors and health practitioners, facilitating referrals, attending medical appointments and provided education related to recovery.

For individuals suffering from pain and pain-related issues, our Registered Nurse Pain Consultants are available to conduct a comprehensive pain assessment and prepare an individualized pain management plan with an emphasis upon reactivation and quality of life.

Behavioural therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach designed to reinforce desired behaviours and eliminate undesired behaviours. Following stroke individuals may require assistance in reducing or eliminating behaviors that develop in response to an injury or illness, or that serve as temporary coping strategies. TRAC Group Behavioural Therapists are skilled in working with clients to address maladaptive behaviours that interfere with their ability to resume their normal life activities and help to establish healthy behaviors that promote successful and enduring recovery and quality of life.

For employed individuals, a return to work following recovery from a stroke may be possible in some cases; however for some, return to their pre-injury/illness occupation may not be possible or desirable. TRAC Group Vocational Consultants provide client-centered, outcome-based services both for individuals wanting to return to work post-injury and for those in search of a new career path.

Our Vocational Consultants work collaboratively with clients to devise individualized vocational plans that meet their goals for productive, meaningful activity and quality of life. Our services include: return to work facilitation & coordination with an employer, career determination testing, career planning, resume preparation & job search, and job coaching.


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