Veterans Affairs and Military

TRAC Group works in conjunction with Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs personnel such as Case Managers and Physicians to assist veterans injured in the line of duty or while on leave, or those transitioning to civilian life. Our roster of experienced clinicians can provide assessments and treatment to help restore function,  provide compensation strategies, and improve quality of life.

TRAC Group offers a number of services and programs to military personnel and those transitioning to civilian life, including:


Occupational Therapy promotes and enables people to participate in the activities which give meaning and purpose to their lives. TRAC Group Occupational Therapists work with clients experiencing physical, cognitive, and/or psychological obstacles to engage in and improve their function and independence across the spectrum of life, encompassing self care, as well as home, work, and leisure pursuits.

TRAC Group Occupational Therapists provide the following services:

  • Functional/Cognitive Assessments and Treatment
  • ADP Assessment for Manual/Power Wheelchairs, Walkers, and Scooters
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Home Safety and Accessibility Assessments
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Physical/Cognitive Demands Analyses
  • Work Site/Ergonomic Assessments
  • Home, Community, and School Reintegration

TRAC Group provides client-centered, outcome-based vocational services for clients wanting to return to work post-injury/post-illness; for those of whom a change or new career path is required; and with those searching for avocational activities (e.g. volunteering) to demonstrate/improve tolerance or increase structure and quality of life. TRAC Group Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants work with students, workers, or individuals contemplating school, vocational, or avocational activities.

TRAC Group Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants offer the following services:

  • Vocational Evaluations
  • Psycho-Vocational Evaluations
  • Vocational Needs Analyses
  • Transferable Skills Analyses
  • Labour Market Survey
  • Work Hardening
  • Return to Work Facilitation and Coordination
  • Career and Vocational Planning

Speech-Language Pathology is a discipline concerned with speech and language communication disorders and swallowing disorders. TRAC GroupSpeech-Language Pathologists work with clients to address cognitive communication challenges, inclusive of difficulties with concentration, memory, understanding language, reading, writing, reasoning, or verbal planning and organization.

TRAC Group Speech-Language Pathologists provide the following services:

  • Speech and Language Assessment and Treatment
  • Cognitive-Communication Assessment and Treatment
  • Communication Aids Assessments
  • ADP Assessment for Communication Aids
  • Return to Work Intervention

Physiotherapy targets the identification and remediation of physical impairments and the associated disabilities while promoting mobility, functional ability, quality of life, and movement potential. Physiotherapy may include the prescription of or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy, education, manipulation, and development of fitness and wellness-oriented programs for restoration and maintenance of function post-concussion.

TRAC Group Physiotherapists provides the following in-home services:

  • Musculoskeletal /Neurological Injury Assessment &Treatment
  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
  • ADP Assessments for Mobility Aids
  • Strengthening, Conditioning & Reactivation Programming
  • Exercise Programming

TRAC Group’s Rehabilitation Consultants are qualified allied health professionals employed to provide high quality rehabilitation services to clients with a disability, injury or health condition. Our Rehabilitation Consultants provide an organized framework for effective and proactive services through assessment and evaluation of all aspects of a client injury/disability; development of cohesive, goal oriented rehabilitation plans; and coordination and implementation of recommendations in keeping with individual client needs. At TRAC, our Rehabilitation Consultants hold one of the following designations: Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Registered Social Worker, and Certified Disability Management Professional.

TRAC Group Rehabilitation Consultants provide the following services:

  • Rehabilitation Needs Analyses
  • Assessment of Attendant Care Needs
  • Assessment of Normal Life Activities
  • Task Assignments

Social Workers are consulted when individuals are faced with a difficult period in their personal, family, and/or work life. TRAC Group Social Workers help identify the issues and their sources, assist individuals in developing appropriate coping skills and problem solving strategies, help individuals navigate available resources, and offer counselling in various forms.

  • Social Work Needs Analyses
  • Individual Counselling
  • Group/Family Counselling

A comprehensive assessment that considers an individual’s current status and level of function in their home, work and community.  Standardized assessment tools and individual interviews provide information which is utilized to assess the individual’s areas of strengths and difficulties, from which a realistic social work plan is developed to assist an individual to rebuild and reengage in their home, family, work and community.

Individual counselling is provided based on a range of therapeutic theories such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and  Systems Theory, which is predetermined to insure best fit with the individual and their area(s) of difficulty.

Group/Family counselling is provided primarily from a systems theory perspective, drawing on complementary theories when required depending on the individual, the group, and the circumstances. Typically, individual sessions will also be provided to ensure those participating have the ability to communicate all concerns openly, with such concerns being brought back to the group/family for discussion.

Behavioural therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach which has as its goal the treatment of psychopathology through techniques designed to reinforce desired behaviours and eliminate undesired behaviours. TRAC Group Behavioural Therapists, through their expertise in the areas of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), are skilled in working with clients to address maladaptive behaviours arising from mental health disorders, injuries, strokes, or other life altering events.

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

TRAC Group employs regulated and certified therapists who provide Rehabilitation Assistance to clients under direction of regulated health care professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Registered Nurses, and Social Workers. Our Rehabilitation Assistants provide regular home- or community-based intervention sessions to assist clients in working towards established team-based and discipline-specific functional goals.


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